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  Most family court systems in the United States are now streamlining due process by allowing the criminalization of innocent Fathers rather than conducting a fair and thorough examination of the facts. Going through a divorce is a destructive process; Being subject to these broken family court systems compounds that destruction. It is time that the Fathers of this Country unite to make a difference for the good of our families.

WhatAboutDaddy.org is a Fathers Rights organization. We are dedicated to helping Fathers who are desperate for solutions, by combining our collective resources to effect meaningful reforms within the broken Family Court Systems of our Country. If divorce is inevitable, we believe it is in the best interest of our children to have BOTH parents harmoniously involved in their lives. The reason for our existence is to collectively hold court officers and litigants to a higher standard of quality, when it comes to determining and complying with enforceable rulings. As the trend of favoring one litigant over another in order to streamline an over-burdened court calendar continues, we are seeing more innocent fathers being deprived of their civil rights and more of our kids being deprived of their dads. We were formed to give a voice to those Dads and the children who need them. We need equal protection under the law in the Family Court System.

We chose the name WhatAboutDaddy.org as it was a catchy name and was easy to remember. Although we are focused on the rights of the father we believe in shared parenting.

Our Mission
Fight for Fathers Rights.
Fight to enact change in the Child Support system.
Fight to enact fairness in the family court system.
Support politicians that support Fathers Rights.
Spread the message and recruit other Fathers.
Fight for legislative change.
Become more informed about the system.
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